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Fruit Selling Management System A system that facilitates easier selling of fruits online. Hard work is going to be paid because people in the contemporary world are always looking for better security features.

Final Year Main Projects & Mini Projects

This system will turn out to be one point of access for info related to exams, schedule, and results and re-applying. Online Job Portal with SQL database developing a Python project on jobs will definitely make you come across someone intellectual in front of your teachers.

It will give you better understanding of the difficulties faced by the engineers while working for green energy and how much rewarding nature is if we use it wisely? Read magic square puzzle from an input file Solve the puzzle using one of the various methods Display the time taken for solving I will provide the videos of above projects soon so that you can see the functionality of the projects most easily.

Spaghetti Truss Bridge Project Competition — In this competition the students would be provided with spaghetti and hot glue to make a truss bridge by joining the spaghetti sticks. Here is a chance to identify huge business potential. This is a great final year project and developing it on Python will fetch you more marks than ever.

How EPA Manages the Quality of its Environmental Data

File and File Content sorting using hadoop framework Details File sorting and file content sorting are the solutions to the most pressing situation of the organizing and maintaining the data for any systems.

This Android Project helps the user to download any files more smartly and quickly.

MCA Final Year Project Topics and Ideas

People are constantly tired and are dependent upon technologies for getting their work done. You may be forced to scrap the project mid way. Inventory management system for e-commerce Leverage e-commerce sites with the power to get more than.

Air ticket booking system A system developed on Python with SQL database will make things look easier and fun. Online shopping Python Projects Online shopping python project will help students hit the right chord given e-commerce is the most popular thing among teachers. Android controlled railway crossing gates: Cab finding system Like Uber and Ola, this system will intake location as an input and in return provide info about all the cabs present in the locality.

You can acquire all the logs and set dependency. Water Supply Management System A system that informs you about the time water will come and also warns you about the amount of water you have used. An Android based application that makes administration faster and smarter.

It is going to be a lot of fun and less hectic. Certificate Generation System A system that generates every certificate of birth, driving license, passing and all with just one click will change the way contemporary world functions.

Task management Manage your task and the tasks at the factories with much ease now. In current Scenario, apps are in great demand.

People from around the world are worried about their pets while being at work. You need to master the art of tracking API and creating a crawl based on HTML that allows you create a web crawler tool that leverages Tech Entrepreneurs with the power to make their business consumer oriented.

If there is any situation that has no solution then there is absolutely little or no sense expending resources researching on it. Air ticket booking system A system developed on Python with SQL database will make things look easier and fun.

Mail Server For any college or company where all the details related to emails received either for students or employees are maintained and ensures one point access to information.

A Program complete Python Project ideas Python beginners can always write programs that read the half entered program and complete it on the basis of library inputs.

Pet feeder integrated with the Android application is one of the most ambitious android project ideas to pursue. This Content management system as your final project will fetch you more marks than any other final year project.

This is a great final year project and developing it on Python will fetch you more marks than ever. Club membership management system A system that provides you with info about your membership at all times of the day has huge market potential and will also fetch a lot of marks.

You can seek Python help online for these projects and add a new dimension to your projects. This Project is an honest attempt to digitize the whole Limo cabs car rental ordering system, via which Limo cabs will be able to take rental request from customers online and track the order with driver updates.

Taking security to a new level with android password based remote door open system. AN android application integrated with the national database that helps people find and use medical facilities at the nearest. Web Masters, Bloggers, and Tech Entrepreneurs are crazy about analytic tools because it is something that drives their business.

I want to use this opportunity to educate students on various types of questions for different types of FUNKEYZZ Fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data Details As Cloud Computing becomes prevalent, more and more sensitive information are being centralized into the cloud, such as emails, personal health records, government documents, etc.

If you need more python Project Ideas which are not listed here then please contact me and I will come to you with some best and more unique python project ideas.You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum.

Project Ideas for Engineering Students. As a engineering graduate you all know that each and every project requires lot of expertise and knowledge. Covering all the information in one page is next to impossible. page is next to impossible.

So, use this site just as a starting point where I will try my best to provide you as many topics. Download All MBA Final Year Projects, Project Reports, B School Projects, Business Project Abstracts, MBA Papers, MBA Presentations.

Final Year mba students can find mba projects on finance, MBA Projects on banking, MBA Projects on marketing with project. This category consists of Final Year projects for Civil engineering, Civil Engineering Final year Projects list,Final Year Civil Projects ideas,Final Year Civil Projects abstracts.

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FIND COURSES. Find courses by: Final Project Assignment and Ideas We have speed and position data from the last year for 30 taxi cabs on the Boston streets. Think of something exciting. Project No. Title: Technologies: Project Details: Cost in INR (Rs.) 1: Web Based Claim Processing Employee can apply for their medical claim in the web portal, CPD - Central Processing will verify and check the details and approve or reject the claim, Approved claim will go to .

Final year project topics
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